Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Bill of right and Piracy

So, I heard about this just recently when listening to The PC Gamer Podcast and the main focus was on DRM and Digital Distribution, something that was interconnected with their interview with Crysis Watheads Lead Designer. Crytech is a company that was hit hard by PC piracy when their game Crysis was release a while back, they did not recover from it. They now have to develope for multiple formats, no longer only PC. This is because of the piracy.

Now, all you guys out there who do Pirate PC games, why do you do it? I want to hear your reasons. Why is it that everytime some one comes out and talks down on PC piracy, you guys get on a upproar? What is it that makes you think this is OK?

I want to hear your opinions, take this time and speak out!

Now, from my perspective, it is utterly crazy to deffend Piracy in any shape or form. It is moraly wrong and it is stealing. Just because it is easy, comfortable and free, doesn`t make it legal and right. Think about it, you install and play a game, that has been in development for multiple years, you don`t pay these guys anything and expect what?… to get sympathy, to be taken serious?.

If you do not pay for the products, they will not be bale to make them anymore. If you do not pay for PC products, the PC market will slowly die and by taking down a plattform, it will automaticly raise the prices on other plattforms.

Think about it, it is a serious crime toward your friends, the community, the game developers and everyone who pirate should feel somewhat ashamed.

Now, you can trow dirt on me as much as you like, the microphone is free and the lines are open.

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